Mining & Resources.

Drones are playing an important role in mining & resource operations around the world, increasing safety and productivity on-site.

They are becoming instrumental in the accurate and cost-effective assessment of on-site assets. BIRDI empowers mine site & quarry operators to safely, simply and efficiently harness drone technology.

Save time & money with a volumetric report.

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Boral Uses BIRDI.

“We engaged BIRDI to undertake drone capture and volumetric reporting for my site. I found the service to be professional, fast and collaborative. The volumetric report was issued quickly and tailored to the specific stockpiles we required. By working with BIRDI I have access to cost-effective, on-demand drone services and volumetric reporting.”

– Geoff Stephens, Boral Quarry Manager, Peats Ridge

Read more about what Boral has to say HERE.

Save time & money with a volumetric report.

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Volumetric Reporting.

Stockpile inventory management is one of the biggest challenges in the mining & resources sector. Regardless of whether you are operating with standard, ramp or bin stockpile solutions BIRDI can facilitate your drone capture and volumetric reporting.

See a sample volumentric report HERE.

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Windrow Management.

BIRDI assists site operators with compliance outside of standard volumetric reporting. Capture and assessment of site features such as windrow height & slope is a simple addition to BIRDI’s drone capture and reporting.

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Orthomosaic Imaging.

For those operators looking for the whole of site capture to assist with future site planning or current site management BIRDI drone capture is the solution. The BIRDI Platform can provide operators with individual HD images or with whole of site stitched orthomosaic.

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Building Asset Capture.

If you currently operate with a digital twin or are exploring your sites options, BIRDI can assist with any onsite digital capture at the same time as providing our volumetric services.

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The BIRDI Platform gives you access to Australia’s largest drone pilot network. BIRDI ensures that each pilot selected for your job has the appropriate license, registrations, experience, and equipment to deliver your required data to the highest standard.

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