Scale aerial intelligence across your organisation and make better decisions

Manage your drone data capture, visualisation & insights with our end-to-end aerial intelligence solution.


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How BIRDI Works.

We scale with you.

From 1 to 1,000+ sites; from once a quarter to once a day. We can capture & visualise aerial insights based on your needs.

Easy drone data capture.

No need to purchase expensive drone equipment or spend time learning how to fly. We’ll capture drone data for you, anywhere in Australia.

Meaningful visualisations.

Camera position, on-map image preview and geotif layers enable you to visualise your data on maps and gain aerial intelligence over your site and assets.

Tools to draw and annotate.

Draw and annotate your site data to better identify areas of interest and communicate issues.

Share with your team.

Missions can be easily shared privately or publicly for team insights and collaboration.

Case Studies.

Ready to scale aerial intelligence into your organisation?

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