UPCOMING WEBINAR :  How Drone Pilots Can Position Themselves to Secure Work in the Current Environment.

Join our webinar, co-hosted with TAFE NSW, on Thursday April 23rd to understand how best to position yourself to secure work as a drone pilot in the current environment.

Join our upcoming webinar.


Upcoming Webinar: Thursday 23rd April 12PM AEST

COVID-19 is challenging businesses to think outside the box & find new ways to do business remotely in order to adhere to the changing restrictions. Companies are increasingly turning to drone technology in order to keep running ‘business as usual’.

How do drone pilots present themselves in the best way to secure work?

Join us and the team at TAFE NSW to discuss:

Enhancing Safety & Compliance (TAFE NSW)

  • Airspace Requirements.

  • Safety Assessments.

  • Clarification on Licensing Privileges.

Positioning Yourself to Secure Work (BIRDI)

  • Capabilities (Capture & Equipment).

  • Capture v Processing.

  • Quoting Best Practices.

Join our upcoming webinar.


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