BIRDI is integrating the use of drones into Australian businesses through their online platform by connecting businesses with commercial applications and drone pilots.

From training sessions to asset inspection, BIRDI believes the use of drones will increase efficiency, productivity, performance and safety on the field and across Australian workplaces. Read more about the $100 billion dollar market opportunity for drones in the latest Goldman Sachs Report here

BIRDI’s online platform acts as a gateway to resources and tools as well as a marketplace to connect businesses, sports clubs and organisations with drone pilots looking to leverage drone technology.

BIRDI holds a CASA Remote Air Operators Certificate, the industry’s highest accreditation. BIRDI pilots adhere to strict operating procedures and carry $20 million public liability insurance.

Whether you’re a drone pilot looking for work, a business looking for drone services, or a school looking for a STEM based drone training session - BIRDI has you covered.