Insurance Frequently Asked Questions2020-02-25T16:26:37+11:00

Insurance Frequently Asked Questions.

How much does it cost?2020-02-25T16:17:03+11:00

The cost of subscribing to the BIRDI Platform is $50 per month, insurance coverage is an additional cost of $30 per month. So the total cost is $80 per month with no annual commitment.

Is it an annual fee?2020-02-25T16:17:14+11:00

There is no annual commitment. Your subscription fee is billed monthly from when you activate your BIRDI Platform account.

My drone weighs more than 2kg, will I be covered?2020-02-25T16:17:21+11:00

Flights/missions flown by drones over 2kg can be insured under this insurance product. Operators who wish to be insured for a drone over 2kg need to ensure full compliance with CASA regulations.

As a part of this process, before the first flight/mission operators need to upload a valid copy of their appropriate license to their BIRDI account.  This request for insurance will be reviewed by the insurance issuer.

We recommend that you give at least 3 working days’ notice to allow for a review of the first flight. Once you have been approved for your initial flight, you will be covered automatically for any flight registered on the BIRDI Platform.

I have more than one drone, will the insurance cover all drones?2020-02-25T16:17:28+11:00

The insurance covers the drone that you are flying for the purpose of the flight/mission. You simply need to log your flight/mission prior to the job on the BIRDI Platform which notifies the insurer of your flight details. As part of this simple process, you select the drone weight category which also gets sent to the insurer. If you are flying drones above 2kg in weight you will also need to hold the appropriate licences for the drone type.

My drone weighs less than 2kg, will I be covered?2020-02-25T16:17:34+11:00

Yes, you will be covered by insurance as long as your flight adhered to CASA requirements and the flight has been logged on the BIRDI Platform.

Do I have to have an RePL?2020-02-25T16:17:41+11:00

You must follow the licence requirements outlined by CASA for any flight you undertake.

I would like to insure multiple pilots.2020-02-25T16:17:46+11:00

If you are trying to insure more than one pilot in your organisation we recommend that you contact our Client Integration Manager to discuss an enterprise account for your business. Enterprise accounts allow for multiple insured pilots to operate as well as the ability to share equipment records, share compliance documentation and joint media storage. Alternatively, your different pilots can sign up to the BIRDI Platform individually.

Are my entire operations covered including flights?2020-03-17T10:21:52+11:00

The coverage is for Public Liability Insurance only. The insurance product does not include Hull Insurance, Professional Indemnity or any other coverage. You should review the full PDS by downloading it HERE and make sure the product covers your requirements.

How do I activate the insurance?2020-02-26T11:20:05+11:00

Log into your BIRDI account and upgrade via the Account & Subscription tab. Be sure to choose the ‘Insured’ subscription of $80 per month for coverage. The $20M public liability insurance is activated once you post your first mission from your BIRDI Platform Account.

What are the Terms and Conditions?2020-03-17T10:22:18+11:00

The Terms and Conditions can be found by clicking this link HERE.

Will a Certificate of Currency (CoC) be issued?2020-02-26T08:49:44+11:00

Yes, upon logging the insured mission on the BIRDI Platform the details of the intended flight are sent to the insurer. Shortly afterward a CoC is issued to you by email for the flight.

Who underwrites the insurance?2020-03-04T14:54:08+11:00

This insurance is provided by Osman Insurance Brokers and underwritten by Lloyds.

Where is your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)?2020-03-17T10:51:45+11:00

The PDS can be found by clicking this link HERE.

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