Drone powered solutions have the potential to save businesses over $127 Billion per annum. From reducing OH&S risk to humans, to increasing the performances of assets and providing better data analytics and reporting, drones have the capacity to change the landscape of how businesses operate. From Energy to Property Management to Construction, BIRDI supports businesses in reaching the next level with smart data and analytics. Read on to learn how BIRDI can help you today. 



Make sure your solar panels are working at maximum efficiency at all times. Drone footage enables you to increase your inspection efficiency, reduce downtime and ensure you are operating at peak performance. 

BIRDI's certified drone pilots provide detailed geotagged thermal imagery to assist your existing operations. 

How BIRDI can help you: 

  • Routine Preventative Inspection: Routine full array inspections to detect and report on hot spot allowing for increased oversight and compliance with operations & maintenance activities. 
  • Pre Maintenance Inspection: Full array inspection prior to maintenance activities to identify fault location. This service simplifies the pre inspection process for engineers and allows for more efficient maintenance programs. 
  • Onsite Maintenance Assistance: The ability to relay live thermal data to the engineer onsite significantly reduces the time taken to identify and rectify the fault. Before and after imagery provides comfort to the engineer and client that the problem had been resolved.

Hire BIRDI to increase your inspection efficiency and reduce your downtime.



Drones are changing the way insurers conduct business by enabling safe and efficient collection of high-resolution images for underwriting, loss prevention and claims inspection. 

BIRDI can help you: 

  • Reduce risk and improve the safety: Claims adjusters can use a drone to analyse dangerous situations without sacrificing their safety or causing any disruption. Drones allow adjustors to capture superior evidence (close-ups, wide angels and better zooming capabilities).
  • Increase productivity: Drones not only reduce the demands of specialised workers, they save time for all involved, eliminate the need for multiple site visits and significantly reduce the cost and turnaround time for completing a risk assessment report. 
  • Improved customer service: The use of drones can help to improve customer satisfaction as speed and efficiency of risk engineers and adjusters is improved and the time taken for claims to get paid is compressed. 

Hire BIRDI to investigate how the use of drones can be integrated into your existing procedures to provide actionable data in order to save you time, money and improve worker safety.


Property management.


Drones are a cost-saving and professional solution for inspection and maintenance tasks. Save time, money and improve workplace safety. 

Facades and other structures can be examined with ease, in a shorter time period and with reduced risk to personnel safety. Prioritise the safety of your team, cut costs and increase efficiency.

How BIRDI can help you: 

  • Imagery: High resolution geo tagged imagery to document and analyse building facades including high resolution thermal imagery for heat loss and distribution assessment.
  • Data: Generate quantitative survey data via 2D photogrammetry and 3D point clouds to aid in the facade design process, fixings and existing structure.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Manage flight planning, permissions and flight path optimisation. Display and export data sets in a range of common formats for integration (for example .shp and .dxf).

Hire BIRDI for your next insurance claim, fault inspection, facade inspection or building report. 

wind turbine3.jpg


Drones are revolutionising the energy industry. Sectors such as solar, wind, oil and gas, rely on inspections to maintain safety standards. The use of drone technology allows for greater efficiency and cost reduction of these inspections.  

Drones enable quick fault detection and collect data allowing for accurate progress management and reduced downtime. 

How BIRDI can help you:

  • Inspections
  • Site due diligence 
  • Fault detection & remediation 
  • Contour mapping
  • Automated reporting

Hire BIRDI to increase your inspection efficiency and reduce your downtime.



Construction projects require a large amount of planning and monitoring to remain on schedule and keep costs down.

Drone footage is an innovative solution to delivering sophisticated analytics, ensuring greater compliance and managing your projects more efficiently.

How BIRDI can help you: 

  • Aerial progress monitoring & reporting: Visually compare and monitor site progress over time to assist with liability protection, timeline dispute & stakeholder reports.
  • Aerial surveying & mapping: The ability to produce contour maps and accurately measure gradient, volume and surface area of a job site. 
  • Compliance auditing: Use aerial footage to monitor safety standards and document compliance. 

The use of drone technology increases ROI, improves site safety and enhances productivity.

Hire BIRDI to keep costs down and ensure your project is completed on time.