Drones are playing an important role in Government operations around the world by unlocking insights, increasing asset utilisation and reducing risk to staff in the field. BIRDI empowers government stakeholders to safely, simply, and efficiently harness drone technology.

“A centralised platform such as BIRDI allows for streamlined access to a large pool of licensed and experienced drone pilots across NSW.”

– Jeffrey Hosken, Spatial Services NSW Government

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The BIRDI Platform gives you access to Australia’s largest local drone pilot network. By capturing your aerial data with BIRDI we can ensure that;

  • Each pilot selected for your job is a local operator from your community.
  • Each pilot has the appropriate license, registrations and experience.
  • Each pilot has the appropriate equipment and software to deliver your required data to the highest standard.
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Data Capture & Processing.

BIRDI works with you to best understand the type, accuracy, and scale of data that works best for your specific needs. We supply the data as raw images or converted to a wide range of data types including but not limited to Orthomosaics, Digital Terrain Models, Digital Surface Models, Point Clouds, and Textured Mesh. Your data can be stored securely on the BIRDI platform where web services can be provided or the data can be transferred directly into your preferred storage/software solution.

Photography & Videography

Orthomosaic Mapping

Digital Modelling (Terrain & Surface)

3D Modelling (Textured Mesh)

Contact us to find out how your team can benefit from drone captured data.

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Government Report into Drone Adoption.

The NSW Government engaged BIRDI to trial the BIRDI platform and consider the feasibility of a ‘Whole of Government’ approach to the aviation regulation, compliance, and data storage associated with mass data acquisition by drones.

Read the Government Report HERE.

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