Inspect community structures at scale without leaving your desk

Our end-to-end scaleable aerial intelligence platform makes inspecting assets and key planning a breeze.

Save money

Eliminate the cost of manual asset inspections.

Save time

Manual site visits take time. Inspecting assets with drones gives you more hours back in your day.

Scale up capture

Capture drone data at scale from 1 to 1000+ sites.

Annotation Tools

BIRDI’s annotation tools enable you to make key markups on your assets.

Improve community safety

Ensure the community is kept safe with regular asset inspections for structure maintenance.

Digital twin

Having digitised versions of your assets and communities means improved planning and maintenance.

Simple drone data capture.

The BIRDI pilot network makes drone data capture super easy. Simply book a mission with our pilots anywhere in Australia, and we’ll have the data ready for visualisation in the BIRDI platform in no time.

Trusted by leading companies.

Ready to scale aerial intelligence into your asset management and community planning?

Reach out to the BIRDI team to see how aerial intelligence can help your government department.


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