Project Description

‘Edge of Earth’, Great Australian Bight SA


Tell us more about yourself

We are a family of 6 from Brisbane travelling Australia for a year. We have a travel page name called “Livan for now” on Facebook and @livanfornow on Instagram.


What is the background to the shot?

I took this photo in South Australia approximately 135 kilometres east of the Wa/Sa border. We stumbled upon this location at the end of a dirt track, no one was around and it was the perfect spot to get the drone up for some shots. If you go on my page @livanfornow you will see that the location was in my story. Also if you go on Facebook, “Livan for now”, you will see it was in a post with around 30 other photos of that Great Australian Bight region.


What drone did you use to capture the shot?

I used a DJI spark drone. Very light and compact and perfect for travelling Australia as it takes up no room but still takes a quality shot.


Why do you take drone photography?

I love using the drone to take pictures as it gives a totally different perspective of your surrounds and allows you to explore and see what would be impossible to visualise on the ground. When we looked at the photo of the Cliff shot, at the Great Australian Bight, it really gave us some perspective on how close we where to the edge of the country.

‘When life gives you big waves, learn how to surf’, Margaret River WA


‘Mona Beach Madness’, Mona Vale NSW


‘Australia’s Coral Coast’, Gregory WA


‘From Above’, Mount Gambier SA


‘Beached’, Dampier WA


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