Project Description

‘Sunrise With The Fog Rolling Over The Hills’, Lockwood South VIC


Tell us more about yourself

My name is Brett Cleary and I have been flying my Phantom 4 Pro for a little over 18months. I’ve always had a keen eye for photography and using a drone has allowed me to gain a whole new perspective on the world. Since getting more into drone photography and videography I have begun to share some of my content via social media.


What is the background to the shot?

This shot was taken one morning at sunrise. I had seen the fog rolling over the hills adjacent to our property and decided to launch my drone. Initially I didn’t realise what I had captured as the glare from the sunrise was over powering on the phone. I had taken about 15 sequential shots from different angles. Once I started to review my footage I realised that I’d captured something beautiful.


What drone did you use to capture the shot?

I used my Phantom 4 Pro.


Why do you take drone photography?

Drone photography allows me to disconnect from this crazy world. I enjoy pushing the limits of what can be achieved with the amazing cameras on the drones. I even enjoy the local eagles trying to photobomb my shots! Flying a drone is something that I want to teach my kids as they get older as the potential uses are amazing.

‘Stockton Beach’, Newcastle NSW


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‘Low Tide Magic’, Fraser Island QLD


‘Early Morning Melbourne Bound’, Bungaree VIC


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