Project Description

‘Capturing A Well Photographed Spot With A New Perspective!’, Cape Woolamai VIC


Tell us more about yourself

I am Tyson Waldron, a 26 year old Shop Fitter living in Knoxfield Melbourne. I’ve only been shooting for a bit over a year now and flying the drone for maybe 6 months! Its a good excuse to get out the house and explore more of the area I live in! Especially after going overseas a few times and realising I’ve barely explored my own area!


What is the background to the shot?

I’ve always loved visiting Cape Woolamai, such a rugged unique looking coast line! It looks different every time I visit. As soon as I purchased my drone I knew I wanted to get another perspective of this place and I was not disappointed with the results! I want to go back very soon and shoot it again now that I have more experience.


What drone did you use to capture the shot?

I used a DJI Phantom 4 to capture this image.


Why do you take drone photography?

I use the drone for photography because it gives such a different perspective to every location! Its something no one else has seen before, and I do believe drone photography is really going to take off in the near future.

‘Strawberry Milk’, Gregory WA


‘Candy Skies’, Warren NSW


‘The Ocean Desert’, Golden Beach NSW


‘Summer Days’, Wanda Beach NSW


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