Project Description

‘Walking the Line’


Tell us more about yourself.

I’m a landscape photographer and video content creator mostly using my drone to create aerials of landscapes with the focus on the theme hiking.

What is the background and inspiration behind the footage?

‘Walking the Line’ was created in an area of dunes in the Australian Outback near Mungo. While shooting early in the morning just after sunrise when the light is very low, the shadows together with the soft curves and texture of the dunes created a beautiful natural artwork. Seen from right above and capturing myself walking on the peak of the dune – on the line between the darkness and light – shows the scale of the landscape.

What drone did you use to capture the shot?

I used a DJI Mavic Air.

What led you to become a drone pilot?

My first drone was a gift. Very little and light it unfortunately crashed after a short time, but I was inspired and bought myself a proper one.

Learn more about the story behind Andrew’s video and his tips for other drone pilots HERE.



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