Project Description



Tell us more about yourself.

I have studies in sound recording and production, but I think I found another passion, creating videos I began filming and editing weddings and different social events, then I filmed musical videos, tourism videos, commercial advertising videos. I am convinced that to obtain a good video it is not always necessary to be at the right time but it has to do more with the way you capture that moment, and definitely sound also plays an important role when it comes to a good video. As a freelance filmaker I love what I do, I love my job.

What is the background and inspiration behind the footage?

I was inspired by the amazing sunset, and the reflection did it all, that place was unique, is called Salar de Uyuni, salt flats from Bolivia. It was like heaven on earth, and you had a chance to walk through it to a encounter with the divine.

What drone did you use to capture the shot?

We used a DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

What led you to become a drone pilot?

I was inspired by the feeling that my vision can expand and reach wonderful places that could not be otherwise captured.

Learn more about the story behind Jorge’s video and his tips for other drone pilots HERE.

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