Project Description

‘Early morning Greens maintenance at Damai Indah Golf’


Tell us more about yourself.

I’ve been an amateur photographer for many years now…I first started taking pictures (and developing them myself) when I was 12 years. Along the way I’ve dabbled in some commercial photography as well, but never as a full-time career. Photography has always been a part of the activities that I take part in, which has included racing cars, skydiving, snowboarding, and scuba diving. I think that skydiving has given me a first hand view of what the world looks like from above, which I can bring to my drone photography.

What is the background and inspiration behind the footage?

I go out every weekend to take photos with my camera gear. I always get an early start. This particular weekend I stuck close to home as there is a golf course within walking distance. I wanted to get shots of the sunrise over the local cityscape from the vantage point of the golf course. As I was flying looking for the best angles, I noticed this person maintaining the green on one of the holes. It was a pure coincidence. The inspiration was, “that really looks like an interesting shot!”

What drone did you use to capture the shot?

I used a DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

What led you to become a drone pilot?

I had piloted UAVs (model aircraft) for a while in the past so flying a drone, from a technical standpoint wasn’t that much different. I actually hadn’t considered using a drone until I flew my sister’s drone. After I flew her drone, I then realized the potential it provides in capturing some really unique and interesting perspectives on the world. Once I started taking some pictures, then I wanted to start to explore the many different ways that a drone can be used as a platform for photography.

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