Stephen is one of the close to 1,500 drone pilots on the BIRDI platform and has completed over 20 jobs.

Stephen has been flying drones since 2013 when he saw incredible drone footage of Hawaii for the first time. From that point on he was hooked. So, it was no surprise that in 2014 he decided to turn his passion into a full-time job and started his business ‘SkyHigh UAV’.

Why the BIRDI Platform? 

With the growing number of drone pilots in the market it can be hard to find work, let alone juggle all the different applications you need to use to manage your drone operations.

Stephen’s company, SkyHigh UAV, has grown with the help of the BIRDI platform.

“A big stand out for me is the simplicity of the BIRDI platform. The way that you can store media and manage your missions is as easy as 1, 2, 3. I was impressed with BIRDI’s integration with AirMap for aviation regulation as it’s the leading global provider of aeronautical data and services for drones.

Over the last year or so I’ve seen the BIRDI platform evolve with the growth of the space. This is particularly important in an industry that is growing at a rapid pace.”

What would you say to other pilots considering the BIRDI platform?

“With the help of the BIRDI platform I’ve experienced a steady growth of my business. The fact that you can plan a mission, store media and manage your qualifications and equipment all on one platform is great.

The BIRDI platform is simple, easy to use and the BIRDI team are a pleasure to work with. Give it a go – I haven’t seen anything like it out there.”

About Stephen Marley

Stephen is the Owner and Chief Pilot of SkyHigh UAV which offers drone services to the Macarthur and greater Sydney area.

SkyHigh UAV’s drone services cover a wide range of industries including but not limited to building inspections & progress reports, insurance assessments, agriculture land surveillance, television and media, mapping and surveying, asset inspections, emergency services, real estate and more.

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