At BIRDI we continue to focus on providing an easy end to end solution for all drone users. As such we are in continual communication with CASA and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) regarding the integration and automation of registration through the BIRDI platform.

As we touched on in an earlier blog post, CASA are in the process of implementing a new drone registration process.

CASA have recently updated the information on their website relating to drone registration.

Here is what you need to know.

There is now updated information for all drone users regarding:

  • Rules for flying safely,
  • Drone Accreditation
  • Information on drone registration changes,
  • Industry initiatives ,
  • Training and education resources,
  • How to obtain an Aviation Reference Number (ARN) and,
  • How to create a myCASA account.

The recent changes seem to indicenate that the requirements to start registering drones and passing the proposed knowledge test are not far off.

Given the likely spike in drone ownership around Christmas, we advise all drone users (new and old) to pay close attention to the CASA website for upcoming changes.

If you’re after more information please feel free to contact our UAV Operations manager Simon Mitchell.

Keep updated on CASA regulations via the BIRDI platform.

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