Our client’s problem:

As part of its internal and external audit requirements, Boral must assess stockpile volumes at each of its quarries nationally, to audit the amount of stock on the ground. This process has historically been done using manned aircraft, however, Boral recognised that using drone technology is less costly and provides better outcomes and data.

“By leveraging this improved technology, we have been able to improve efficiency and reduce costs”

Shane Braddy, National Quarries General Manager , Boral

BIRDI’s Solution

Boral partnered with BIRDI and our national network of local, fully licenced drone operators to capture aerial data at 57 quarries across 6 states and territories

The BIRDI platform was able to assist in:

  1. Access to a distributed network of qualified drone pilots – BIRDI has the largest directory of drone pilots with more than 1,900 across Australia.
  2. Matched local drone pilots within hours of the request – saving time and money as drone pilots didn’t need to be flown in to capture footage. 
  3. Aerial imagery processed via the BIRDI platform – the imagery was immediately available via the BIRDI platform for analysis and closer inspection by site managers and internal audit teams.


Over a few short days, 50 local operators captured 57 sites using standardised drone capture methods to provide volumetric data on the stockpiles in six states and territories.

“By engaging BIRDI’s distributed network of more than 1,800 local operators, Boral was also able to support local employment across the country.”

Shane Braddy, National Quarries General Manager , Boral

Figure 1: Drone imagery of quarry stockpiles.

Figure 2: Orthomosaic export of quarry site.

Boral, Mining & Resources

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