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BIRDI Drone Photo Contest - Week 4 Winner

January 8, 2019

The winning shot this week is from NSW pilot Hayley Altmann. Hayley has truly captured an iconic Australian moment - the beauty of the Australian outback, the ongoing drought faced by so many in our rural and regional communities, and an incredible moment displaying the power of mother nature.

Meet Hayley Altmann, an amateur photographer and drone flyer from Gilgandra in Central West NSW. In her spare time she takes photos and flies her drone any chance she gets. Hayley loves using her DJI Mavic 2 Zoom because you can go places a regular camera can't, see the world from a completely different angle and usually see something unexpected.

The background to 'New Year, New Dust Storm' is quite incredible. The shot was taken on News Years Eve out on the cotton farm in Warren. Everyone was checking the weather, hoping for some much needed rain. Hayley could see a storm brewing up out the back and thought ‘that would make a cool storm cloud photo.’ She sent her drone up and saw the dust cloud that was headed straight for them. They had no idea! Within 10 minutes of the shot the farm was drenched in fine red dust which lasted about 30 minutes. According to Hayley the photo was pure luck, she launched the drone up for a quick look and what she saw was not what she was expecting!

Hayley is an amateur photographer and drone pilot from Gilgandra, Central West NSW, you can see more of her work on her Instagram account. We look forward to continuing to highlighting our pilots and their talent on the BIRDI platform!