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Product Update: Fresh New Look

October 22, 2019

Many of you may have already noticed that BIRDI recently launched a fresh new look to our platform.

Over the coming months we'll share with you more about what you can expect to see from us in terms of new features and updates.

Benefits to Users:

New Equipment Maintenance Feature

The BIRDI platform now enables the ability for users to keep a maintenance log of their equipment within the platform, receive equipment service notifications, and record flight logs to track the use of their equipment.

Faster Platform Navigation

The BIRDI platform has changed to a new side navigation menu (the navigation menu was previously horizontal). This makes platform navigation faster and allows for additional features launching soon.

Improved Mission Logging

The BIRDI platform now allows users to view a history of changes to their created missions as well as sort their files by media type. We have also integrated with RoundMe so that users can view 360-degree images within each mission.

Feature Deployment - Watch this space

There are some really exciting new features coming soon, including a BIRDI App! The BIRDI team are working to continually improve your experience on the BIRDI platform. With our expanding development team, be on the look out for all our new features and integrations coming soon.