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Introducing $20M Public Liability Insurance

May 21, 2019

We believe that Public Liability Insurance should be accessible to all drone users.

That is why we have been working with our insurance brokers to facilitate $20M public liability insurance for an additional $30 per month for our platform subscribers.*

Terms & Conditions apply.

Maintain Safety & Reduce Risk.

For Your Clients and Business.

Save Money.

Reduce your Public Liability Premium.

Pay Monthly.

No Lock In Contracts.

What does this mean for you?


The BIRDI platform provides your business with the practical tools and support that you need to integrate drones into your operations. With the addition of $20M Public Liability Insurance cover, you can rest assured that your flights are appropriately covered.We know that business owners understand the benefits of using drones but are worried about the risk this presents to their team and the public. We responded to this demand by offering Public Liability insurance which you can access via the BIRDI platform.

Drone Operators.

In the recent 2019 BIRDI Drone Pilot Survey over 53% of pilots said they wanted to see the BIRDI platform facilitate Public Liability Insurance. We listened to your feedback and have been working at building a platform that helps you to grow and scale your drone operations.

Over 1,300 pilots are registered on the BIRDI platform where they store, maintain and manage their drone data. The BIRDI platform enables you to build your profile and access features including the drone cloud, insurance, and other third-party applications.

Cover your business and join the largest pilot directory in Australia.

Join over 1,300 drone operators on the BIRDI platform.