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Drone Video Contest - Week 5 Winner

November 17, 2019

BIRDI, Pexels & Canva have teamed up to launch a global drone video contest, ‘Explore the World from Above’, with the aim of empowering creatives and highlighting the work of talented drone users around the world. Until November 18th, drone users have a chance to win USD $500 each week as well as a 1 year subscription to Canva Pro and entry into the grand prize of USD $1,000.

Behind every video is a talented drone user and a beautiful story. During the drone video contest we will give you the story behind each week’s winning drone user and video.

Born and raised in Germany, Simonology studied communication design and began a career as an art director and designer of perfume packaging in Hamburg and Amsterdam. Shortly after making his home in Sydney in early 2012, Simonology began to pursue his long passion for the fine arts and photography. “My first drone was a gift. Unfortunately it crashed after a short time as it was very little and light. By that time I was already inspired and bought myself a proper one! ”Week 5’s winning video ‘Walking the line’ was created in an area of dunes in the Australian Outback near Mungo. While shooting just after sunrise in the early morning when the light was low, the shadows together with the soft curves and texture of the dunes created a beautiful natural artwork. “I was able to use my drone to capture myself walking on the peak of the dune to highlight the line between the darkness and light to show the scale of the landscape.

Tips for Drone Photographers/Videographers

We asked Simonology to share his tips for other drone photographers/videographers and here’s what he said; "Depending on what you intend to do with your drone, (some use it for fun racing, some use it to create stock footage etc), give your drone a purpose and practice."