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Drone Video Contest - Week 3 Winner

November 13, 2019

BIRDI, Pexels & Canva have teamed up to launch a global drone video contest, ‘Explore the World from Above’, with the aim of empowering creatives and highlighting the work of talented drone users around the world. Until November 18th, drone users have a chance to win USD $500 each week as well as a 1 year subscription to Canva Pro and entry into the grand prize of USD $1,000.

Behind every video is a talented drone user and a beautiful story. During the drone video contest we will give you the story behind each week’s winning drone user and video.

Meet Thomas Fisk the talent behind the week 3 winning video 'Early Morning Greens Maintenance'. Minnesota native Thomas Fisk has been passionate about photography from a young age.

From the age of 12 he was taking, and developing, photos himself. He then began dabbling in commercial photography but never as a full-time career always incorporating it into activities along the way - car racing, scuba diving, snowboarding and skydiving. “Skydiving has given me a first hand view of what the world looks like from above, which I can bring to my drone photography.

Week 3’s winning video ‘Early Morning Greens Maintenance’ was a result of great timing. Out on one of his weekly photoshoots Thomas was hoping to capture the sunrise over the local cityscape using the golf course as a vantage point. With his drone in the sky looking for the best angles Thomas noticed a person maintaining the green on one of the holes. It was a pure coincidence!"I have realised the potential drones provides in capturing some really unique and interesting perspectives on the world."

Tips for Drone Photographers/Videographers

We asked Thomas to share his tips for other drone photographers/videographers and here’s what he said; “First, like this footage, always keep your eyes open for the unexpected shot. Second, make sure you take the bulk of your planned shots during the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset, also known as "the golden hour".  The light conditions during those times is always the best. Finally, learn the capabilities of your equipment. Take the time to learn all of the settings and how they can impact the results that you get. And most importantly, have fun!”