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Drone Video Contest - Week 2 Winner

November 12, 2019

BIRDI, Pexels & Canva have teamed up to launch a global drone video contest, ‘Explore the World from Above’, with the aim of empowering creatives and highlighting the work of talented drone users around the world. Until November 18th, drone users have a chance to win USD $500 each week as well as a 1 year subscription to Canva Pro and entry into the grand prize of USD $1,000.

Behind every video is a talented drone user and a beautiful story. During the drone video contest we will give you the story behind each week’s winning drone user and video.

Meet Andrew Thomas the talent behind the week 2 winning video ‘The 6.39 to Melbourne’. Victorian based photographer, Andrew Thomas, is passionate about capturing the beauty of the world’s natural landscapes.

Originally a graphic designer Andrew became serious about landscape photography in 2008 after a trip to the USA. Since then he’s made 16 trips back to the USA and had a book published in North America highlighting the natural landscape of all of the 59 USA National Parks.“Before I discovered drones I had tried mounting my camera on top of a 10 foot pole to in order to capture a different viewpoint…drones have certainly solved that problem!” Week 2’s winning video ‘The 6.39 to Melbourne’ was inspired by Andrew’s love of foggy mornings in his hometown of Ballarat in Victoria, Australia. “I am surprised by how often we get these sorts of mornings locally. I know the local district very well and when there is fog around I always have a location to go to to make the most of it.”

Tips for Drone Photographers/Videographers

We asked Andrew to share his tips for other drone photographers/videographers and here’s what he said; “My biggest tip is to get out there as often as you can...persistence really pays off! The first time I flew the drone I was so excited about seeing things from up high that I thought anything looked good. However I soon realised, like all good photography, it is always about great light and conditions.”