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Help to Shape the Australian Drone Industry

April 3, 2019

Don't miss out on your chance to help shape the Australian Drone Industry. BIRDI are conducting a drone user survey to gain insights into several key areas of the Australian Drone Industry:

  • Types of work and opportunities in the current market that drone users are engaged in.
  • How drone pilots and users view the Australian Drone Industry (including feedback on current and proposed legislative changes).
  • How drone pilots interact with the BIRDI platform and what features they see as necessary to further their businesses.

BIRDI aims to share this feedback with its users and the wider Drone community in order to further educate and develop opportunities within the Australian Drone Industry for all stakeholders.Plus as a thank you to all our users if you drop in your email address at the end of the survey we'll credit your BIRDI account with a  bonus 20% storage increase for the next year!

We Promise Not to 'Drone On'

The 2019 BIRDI Drone Survey is open and whether you fly commercially, recreationally or not quite yet, we want to hear from you. The survey takes 2 minutes MAX !