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How BIRDI Gave Me the Flexibility to Grow My Business

August 23, 2019

Kaz Gryl is one of the close to 1,500 drone pilots managing their drone operations on the BIRDI platform.

Having flown model aircraft for almost 50 years, drones were a natural progression for Kaz. With a background in construction and project management he recognised early on the power that drone technology had to make his job easier. Using drone technology for site surveying, stockpile measurements and capturing weekly progress report images was a no brainer! It was no surprise that 3 years ago Kaz decided to turn a hobby into his full-time job and his business ‘Drone Assist’ was born.

Why the BIRDI Platform?

Insurance coverage is necessary for any commercial drone pilot to find work, however it’s expensive. “I signed up in the early days of the BIRDI platform in 2017 while looking for a way to manage my operations and increase the exposure of my business . A real standout for me has been the option to add on $20M public liability insurance coverage to my flights through the BIRDI platform. The flexibility and cost savings that this has given has enabled me to take on more work and build my business.”

What would you say to other pilots considering the BIRDI platform?

“Bloody Oath would I recommend it! I’ve been able to take on more work thanks to the flexibility that the BIRDI platform gives me.The BIRDI platform is a one stop shop for drone users. You have the benefit of a media transfer  and management system and the option of adding $20M public liability insurance coverage. It’s user friendly, you receive an immediate response for job requests and you have great support from the BIRDI team. ”

About Kaz Gryl

Kaz is the Owner of Drone Assist which offers aerial photography and drone photography services to all industry sectors in Perth, Western Australia. Drone Assist’s drone and media services are suitable for the real estate, mining, construction, tourism and almost any type of business that needs to survey or show off a place or location! This includes step through virtual property walkthroughs, construction site surveys from the sky and more!Check out Kaz’s profile on the BIRDI platform HERE.

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