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C&D Asphalting Takes Advantage of Drone Technology For Their Construction Progress Reporting

August 10, 2020

Our client's problem:

C&D Asphalting wanted to communicate to their customer the progress that was being made on the construction of a large car park in Western Sydney. Marketing and media content was also required for their website and collateral.

BIRDI's Solution

C&D Asphalting partnered with BIRDI and our network of local, fully licenced drone operators to capture weekly aerial imagery of the construction site. Aerial imagery was also captured of the C&D team in operation.   The BIRDI platform was able to assist in:

  1. Access to a distributed network of qualified drone pilots - BIRDI has the largest directory of drone pilots with more than 1,900 across Australia.
  2. Matched local drone pilots within hours of the request - saving time and money as drone pilots didn't need to be flown in to capture footage.
  3. Aerial imagery processed and shared via the BIRDI platform - the imagery was immediately available via the BIRDI platform and was easily accessed by the C&D Asphalting team.


The C&D Asphalting team were able to subcontract all of the planning, compliance, and capture complexities associated with any drone operation, to the BIRDI team. The aerial images were uploaded to the BIRDI Platform and C&D Asphalting were able to view and use the content within hours of capture.

C&D Asphalting, Construction

C & D Asphalt Service is an Australian owned Civil Engineering company with medium and large civil projects, which include: asphalt surfacing, patching of roads, residential subdivisions, road and stormwater drainage, car parks, kerb and gutter, and concrete works and pavement restoration.