Asset Management.

Performing asset inspections is a high-risk and costly operation yet necessary for any asset management professional. Traditional inspection methods require infrastructure such as elevated work platforms, scaffolding, scissor lifts, ladders, and even abseiling equipment.

Drone technology minimizes risk to the operator, slashes the time required for each inspection and in doing so greatly reduces the cost per inspection.

Save time & money on your asset inspection.

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Benefits of Aerial Inspection

Save Money & Increase ROI

Reduce Health & Safety Hazards

Decreased Turnaround Time

Extend Asset Life

Digitalise Your Assets

Targeted Maintenance

Save time & money on your asset inspection.

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Access Our Australia Wide Network.

BIRDI empowers asset managers and owners to safely, simply and efficiently harness drone technology through our Australia wide network of pilots.

The BIRDI Platform gives you access to Australia’s largest drone pilot network. BIRDI ensures that each pilot selected for your job has the appropriate license, registrations, experience, and equipment to deliver your required data to the highest standard.

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