Inspect assets at scale without leaving your desk

Our scalable, end-to-end aerial intelligence platform makes aerial asset inspections a breeze.

Reduce costs

Reviewing drone-captured images of your assets eliminates the cost of manual asset inspections.

Save time

Get hours back in your day that you’d normally spend making physical visits to asset sites.

Aerial asset inspections

Greater oversight of your asset from makes picking up on and fixing issues quicker than ever.

Improve safety

Safety issues from inspections at height are no longer an issue with drone captured data.

Digitise your assets

Reduce compliance issues by keeping an up-to-date digital register of your assets.

Visualise assets on maps

Visualise your assets on maps with our range of tools for advanced insights.

Simple drone data capture.

The BIRDI pilot network makes drone data capture super easy. Simply book a mission with our pilots anywhere in Australia, and we’ll have the data ready for visualisation in the BIRDI platform in no time.

Trusted by leading companies.

Ready to power up your asset management operations?

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