Today, drones are being used in a variety of industries to maximize the lifespan of their assets, including building and structure management, bridge maintenance, solar farms, wind turbines, roads, railways, utility lines and towers.

Asset management practices, combined with utilising drones to pro-actively inspect critical assets, ensure that valuable assets are optimised in an era of tight budgets and scarce resources.

BIRDI's certified drone pilots can easily be integrated into your existing operations to provide you with the data needed to save you timemoney and improve the safety conditions of your inspections. 



    • Asset inspection
    • Asset Inventory Verification
    • Measurement & Volumetrics
    • Progress Monitoring
    • Solar Panel Thermal Imaging
    • Wind turbine inspections
    • Contour mapping
    • Site Surveying (2D, 3D)
    • 2D photogrammetry
    • 3D point clouds

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